About Me

profile photoHello! My name is Karen Ngo and I am a 3-D artist and designer currently based in Boston, MA. I am a recent grad who loves working with all kinds of digital mediums, from digital painting and drawing in Photoshop and Illustrator, to video editing in Adobe Premiere and Avid, and of course all the way to 3D work in Maya, Zbrush, etc.

In 2015, I graduated from Suffolk University with a BS in Interactive Media, where I gained many different skill sets in the arts and communications. I took classes in the traditional arts, as well as some in graphic design and digital art techniques. In addition, I also took classes in media production, video editing, motion graphics as well as one basic course in 3D modelling, which inspired me to pursue a career in 3D art and design.

Soon after I graduated with my degree, I attended the Center for Digital Arts in Waltham where I earned my certificate in 3D Animation on May 2016. There, I was able to apply my skills in all of the mediums I’ve learned in college into my 3D student work. I’ve learned a great deal from the year that I spent learning every step of the 3D production pipeline, and today I am glad to finally start my career as a 3D generalist.

I am constantly inspired by the great 3D and digital work I see in movies, TV, web content, and video games, and it has always been a big goal for me to be involved in media production and create great art!